Run 1523 , Nov 14th 2010

Hare: Chorizo

Location: parking lot near U-Bahn Alt-Mariendorf

Starting with perfect condition: nice weather - 25 hashers (!!!!)

Ending not perfect ----- (See below)

More guests !!!!! ....waiting for us after the run:

Two friendly police-man + woman. What happened??

Some nice guys had destroyed a window of the hares` car to get a lot of properties stored inside on the back seats.

So about 10 of us were affected by that - missing clothes, handys, creditcards, driver licences, keys, money ...and so on....

Now a lot of paperwork: First the police, later on theKripo.

That means 2 1/2 hours!!!

For that reasons we had a smalller circle:

At least the police had finished their job, but could not get home.

Using the car lights the battery now was empty. So they had to wait for another policecar, helping them to get off finally.

There will be a small chance to clear up that crime, because there was a witness.

Chance to get back some properties???

We hope so!!!!