Bristol / Berlin Hash May 16th 2010

For additional remarks I used the report written by Sauerkraut

Next hold was at the Volkspark “Weinberg” in front of the Heinrich Heine- followed by hashers explanation about “who is Heine”. We concluded, that Heine is somebody like William Shakespeare and following hashers half-mind, that ShakesBeer is good and the German-Dutch look-alike was HeinekenBeer.

At the top of the “Weinberg- vineyard” we passed the church

“Zionskirche”; which was build on the highest natural point of Berlin.

A 15 minutes visit followed at the wall memorial center (Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer): the chapel, the new greenery park, the cemetery, climbing up the tower, using the loo and following the wall up to the former railway station “North Berlin”.

And again the Berlin Wall at the “Mauerpark”. We saw the conversion of some areas into sport grounds, beach ball, skating, etc. Still a lot to do. We crossed the yard of the “Sankt Sebastian Church”, but we had no time to think about how the majority of church members were stopped by the wall to visit their church.

Yes, it did not look like a pub or bar! “Hollys Waschtheke” is a nearly 24 hrs laundry with a special concept as a neighborhood meeting point. You can eat and drink, watching TV and once per months they have life band. It should facilitate single people (who are washing their clothes) to come in contact.