Sunday July 17th

14.37 A breakout is reported to the Police: a group of some 20 inmate escaped from Bonnies Ranch (if you don´t know what Bonnies Ranch is, ask one of your best friends, one of them probably had lived there)

14.58 A group of some 20 idiotic people are reported near Zehlendorf, where they succeeded in getting a lot of beer.

15.23 They seem to get really drunken.

15.43 They don´t have enough glasses and mugs, so some take their shoes to drink out!!!

15.55 One is trying to dance - see here:

16.12 They all declare to have birthday today

16.17 Fooly dancing in a circle

16.18 She had missed the group - happy to be back again!!!

17.02 Pissing in the circle

17.04 She declares to be the leader from now on

17.07 Telling the group to start a long run

17.11 Some more people from Zehlendorf are heavy disturbed and call the police and the fire brigade

17.13 The group is on the run. Where to? A really reliable man is telling that the leader had asked him for the way to Amsterdam...

17.15 On the way....

17.38 The group is picked up by the fire brigade!!!

17.40 Some of them are happy to get their Valium

17.51 The transport back to Bonnies Ranch

18.34 Back, safe!! Berlins people can get out on teh streets again without danger!!

P.S. If someone told you

about a dangerous dog....

don´t believe!!!